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Lean Training

Lean Training diagramTraining can provide the "missing link" between the intended benefits of your technology and software investments, and being able to enjoy those benefits every day.

We all know that the way we use software is never truly "off the shelf", so why should our training be? That's why we developed the Lean Training model, a completely different approach to teaching that allows you to be in total control of your training outcomes. Because we rely on your feedback after each day of training to guide the instructional goals, each and every course we deliver is unique and completely tailored to your needs.

We deliver Lean Training courses primarily through an eLearning platform, which permits maximum flexibility on when and where you participate in your training session. In fact, we encourage participants to book their individual training sessions several days apart in order to provide adequate time to work with their new skills, and communicate their priorities to the instructor for the next scheduled training day.

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Additional Training Services

  • Learning needs assessment and job task analysis, to better understand exactly what users need to learn
    (hint: it's not always what's printed in the manual)
  • Custom instructor-led training delivered by a CTT+ certified technical trainer, tailored to your IT applications, at your site or at a training facility
  • Custom training materials design and development
  • Knowledge management tools implementation to facilitate ongoing learning and best practices

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